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Muslin Grey Backdrop 3x6m

Muslin Grey Backdrop 3x6m
Muslin Grey Backdrop 3x6m

EssentialPhoto professional quality seamless 100% Cotton Muslin Grey Backdrop 3 x 6 Meter is is the ideal size for full body shots and large product shots and the cloth can be back or front lit to achieve a variety of effects. The nature of EssentialPhoto 100% cotton muslin will absorb the light and help to eliminate reflection and it is virtually reflection free making it a breeze to light. There is a loop rim at the top for easy mounting and it is fully hemmed at the edge. EssentialPhoto 100% Cotton Muslin backdrop is machine washable on delicate cycle, cold water and tumble dry low (Please note due to the nature of the fabric, the backdrop may shrink slightly). Net weight: 2.95kg Note: this does not include a background stand only backdrop. Model: OTHER 3m x 6m Grey Studio Muslin Background, Max Width: 3m, Max Length: 6m, Hemed edges: Yes, Crossbar Pocket: Yes, Material: 100% Cotton Muslin 

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